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Welcome to Omni Farm Highland Cattle

Highland cattle breeding stock, naturally-raised
Highland cattle meat.
Fabulous Highland cattle hides for rugs and decorating accents.
Omni Farm Highland cattle raised in the
Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina since 1986.

Here are some of the many advantages of raising Highland cattle:

Ease of Calving

Natural, unassisted calving is the rule in Highland cattle cows. Since we got our first Highlanders in 1986, we have never had to assist at a birth.

Good Mothers

Cows are very protective of their calves, and with their long horns, they have the necessary equipment to accomplish it. We do not worry about dogs or other preditors. Cows are good milkers with a long persistant lactation.

Long Productive Lives

Cow still producing calves at 16+ years, is not unusual, we have several. Our original herd sire was still breeding at age 17. This can greatly reduce replacement costs.

Hardiness & Disease Resistant

Health problems are seldom encountered. They are naturally resistant from most common cow ailments. They are great foragers and can thrive where other cows might just survive. Cold, harsh weather are no problem but they are also adaptable in milder climates.

Docile & Easy to Work With

Highland Cows do have long horn, which obviously need to be respected. However, we have always found them to be respectful and easy to work with when handled in a gentle, loving manner.

Ideal for the Smaller Farmer or Less Experienced Herdsman

Highland cattle are very good at taking care of themselves. They need the basics: pasture, water, etc., but with their great traits and long history of survival, something in less than hospitable circumstances we have found them to be the easiest and most enjoyable animal we have ever raised.